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Registration Fees

Early-Bird Rates
Early-Bird Rates
Normal Rates
Normal Rates
Normal Rates
Registration Type
ASAPE Member
IFAPA Member
ASAPE Member
IFAPA Member
USD 150
USD 180
USD 220
USD 170
USD 200
USD 240
USD 90
USD 120
USD 160
USD 110
USD 140
USD 180
Local Delegates
HKD 200
HKD 400
HKD 700
HKD 400
HKD 600
HKD 900


  1. Early-bird rates are effective on or before June 30, 2022; Normal rates are effective on  July 1, 2022 and after.

  2. All rates include access to all symposium sessions.

  3. * Full-time or part-time students in undergraduate/graduate degree programmes, with a copy of valid student ID card or letter from their enrolled institution or programme.

  4. If you are not coming from the Asian regions, you are welcome to become IFAPA member (click here for more details) in order to enjoy discount rate.

  5. We welcome anyone from the Asian regions to become ASAPE member. Two-year ASAPE membership fee (2022-2024): Professionals (USD 30, HKD 240); Students (USD 10, HKD 80). Please register ASAPE membership online to apply for a two-year membership for FREE. Deadline ends on April 15, 2022. Please click the following button, if the above web link is not accessible from your place.

ASAPE welcomes anyone in Asia to apply for ASAPE membership free of charge.
Please do so before April 15, 2022 (LAST CHANCE).
ASAPE members can enjoy ASAPE 2022 registration fee discount! 

Payment Method for ASAPE 2022 Hong Kong 
(To be announced)

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